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Brief description of the main features

  • Player
  • Is the tab in charge of your character's cheat settings. You can choose your desired amount of immortality, running and swimming pace, and several lives

  • Vehicle
  • Customize your car's behavior with the vehicle. Your vehicle can be entirely customized, with settings for an endless amount of strength, gravity, and other factors

  • Teleport
  • Means to move quickly to a certain location. There is a big list of locations you can visit. You can browse to NPCs for tasks and coordinates, a point on the map, or other locations.

  • Calling events from game material through online services
  • One of these cheat's more intriguing tabs. For instance, you can request a helicopter to protect you or an air strike on a certain point. I advise trying it out! You can also wind up your money or RP level in this tab, however, I do not advise using these features because they could get you banned.

  • Weapon
  • Cheats for weapons are available. You may modify your weapon's damage, turn off spread and recoil, allow incendiary and explosive cartridges, enable unlimited cartridges, and do a lot more.

  • World
  • You can use hacks on this page to instantly kill all adversaries, police officers, NPCs, wreck cars, and change the weather. All of this with just one click!

  • Tunables
  • You can change the AR, RP, mission reward multipliers, and game delays.

  • Unlocks
  • Unlocking any vehicles and game content obtained through DLC or special occasions.

  • Online Vehicle Spawn
  • In GTA Online, you can spawn any nearby vehicle and modify it to your specifications, down to the color and wheel settings.

Popular features

In details about some of the most oftenly used features

kiddion mod menu

Unlimited Money

The offline game mode doesn't really have a problem with money. However, as was already mentioned, the majority of the GTA 5 online servers adhere to predetermined guidelines.

The servers designers ensure that anybody who joins follows the established regulations. These server administrators don't hesitate to expel a player from the server if they behave erratically or do whatever they please.

But even on such sites, the Impulse mod menu features an option that gives its users access to limitless money. The mod menu provides a secure way for players to avoid going broke while playing the game because it is undetectable. Additionally, it won't be detectable by the game's anti-cheat algorithms or the server administrators.

Options for spawning vehicles

You can pick from a large selection of vehicles in GTA 5 offline. Any car on the road is yours to use and transport home. However, this is not the case for the GTA 5 online multiplayer game types. There are predetermined regulations when it comes to the online gaming mode of Grand Theft Auto 5. You can act anyway you choose, but you will be responsible for the consequences.

Kiddions mod menu provides a straightforward alternative for players who want to avoid that path but still want to find themselves some great rides. By spawning their favorite automobiles, the gadget helps these players. You won't be breaking any regulations by using the mod menu. In addition, because the mod remains undetectable, GTA 5's anti-cheat algorithms won't be able to identify it.

ESP Cheat

The Kiddion mod menu is well-known in the industry for providing some of the top game tools. The ESP is one such instance.

The ESP hack allows the user to see other players and NPCs through barriers, much like how the hack functions in other games like CSGo. That is valid for gaming objects like vehicles, guns, and other things. Even if you can view players on different parts of the map, it is best to avoid doing so because it can confuse you.

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