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Cameron Williamson

Kiddions mod menu not working - how to fix it?

The craze in town is Kiddion's mod. It provides an easy way to spawn vehicles and is simple to access and toggle. If you haven't already, you should acquire it. People have occasionally had problems getting the mod to function for them. If you're having issues like this, keep reading for a solution.

First, the kind and severity of the issue might vary depending on the user, with the following being the most prevalent:

1) The keys don't work (even after the software boots up).

2) Being unable to use the options, despite their being displayed on the screen.

3) Being unable to use the spawn option or process commands.

The inability to allow the mod to function independently may be the cause of these issues. The following are some potential fixes:

1) Consider leaving the Numlock on since doing so will make it easier to understand commands and toggle options since most of the mod's commands and toggle options include numbers and special keys.

2) If you have real-time virus scanning enabled, try disabling it. Sometimes, anti-virus applications like avast prevent apps from functioning properly even though they don't actually contain viruses. If real-time scanning is turned off, the hack might work normally because the software won't stop it. After using the mod, real-time scanning should be turned back on right away.

3) Run the mod as an administrator after downloading it again from the WinRar archive. Any obstacles to the mod's functionality that may be present should be removed by doing this.

4) Verify that the mod is listed among the permitted programs in your windows firewall settings. If it isn't, uninstall and reinstall the mod to see if it may automatically be added to the list, or manually add it yourself.

5) Check to see whether Windows Defender is blocking the mod if you can't navigate the menu; if it is, enable it again and run the mod.

You can always uninstall and reinstall the mod, and if it doesn't fix the problem, you should investigate the reliability of the source from where you acquired it.

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